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tv   Mornings on Fox 11  FOX  February 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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together across northern nevada to watch super bowl 50. we will have reaction from fans and talk about the game . has more companies come to northern nevada. some people are saying it as a negative thing. we want to know why they want you to be positive about all the changes. good morning, thank you for joining us on mornings on fox. i hope you had a great weekend and were able to recover after what was a wild night last night for some people with the super bowl. >> yes for broncos fans. pretty exciting. the game was not a sit on the edge of your seats. unfortunately.
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cam newton on the offense to scrape of anything except for that one touchdown and a field goal but how dominating was von miller? everything was just a plus across the board. zach also how about lady gaga singing the national anthem? >> i have never seen how she looks about all of her stuff on. snake you hear different songs. but you never really hear that beautiful singing part of it. it's not very often. she has done some amazing stuff outside of the club. it's but a lot of people talking about the halftime show and the commercials. they weren't that good. >> they were okay. a couple of them are okay. and peyton manning, is this is
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>> to hundreds---- >>going over to jim studebaker for forecast. >> highs in the upper 50s for reno sparks that's well above our average and temperatures in the seven day forecast. 50s weren't carson and a strong and version set up with temperatures in the upper elevations will drop some smog and hastily are watching air quality. we are sitting in the goods category so definitely some improvement from this morning a green burn code was no restrictions on burning but things could change so we will keep you updated. 18 and truckee and 23 and smith valley and 27 and silver
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with high pressure in place so dry conditions are almost the entire area and we're watching air quality. we will have updates on the seven day coming up out of it. a local casino was robbed this morning. the suspect is on the loose. we are joined live from the alamo with what happened. >>reporter: this happened a few hours ago. just after for a.m. we saw a large silver revolver that's how police say this started give the person a backpack as well for the backpack to be filled up with cash. he was eventually put about backpack the cashier applies
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man grant that backpack and ran out of the bus doors. the casino . the cashier was not injured in this cas that's the good news. this information is coming to police from the cashier. police are still working to get video surveillance footage of this robbery out of the casino archive system into their hands to have more information and the police are working on that feels 5'8" and is a white man wearing black clothing and a black baseball cap and black paint office space. officers are searching the area and have not found him and we are looking for the surveillance photos of sparks police are able to get those so hard you know anything can call us that 322-4900 that we won't keep you posted on the status of this case.
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troopers investigating a deadly vehicle versus pedestrian crash. it happened this morning on interstate it happened this morning on interstate 580 just south of bauer's mansion and troopers found in adult male find flying in the roadway. officers perform cpr but the man died on same. the car involved was a red honda civic and the driver is cooperating with the investigation. the northbound lanes have been closed and are reopened. an update on a story we have been following for you concerning a recovery effort of a second fisherman who drowned. crews found the body of 41-year- old robert glendening 130 feet of water and yesterday they pulled 38-year-old ryan from the lake divers found his body
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the team and fishing when their small boat sank on new year's day. both men were from the main area. some actually searching for man who believe they broke into the total wine store in s. virginia st. broke into the total wine store in s. virginia st. officials say to blackmail still a large amount of merchandise just after midnight . they were last seen driving a white four-door pickup truck. police found a smashed window when i got there. anyone with information is asked to contact the police department 322-4900 is the number. so i nevada has tightened restrictions to keep guns out of the house at the hands of domestic abusers. data shows people were shot-90 for people were shot to death by a spouse, a former spouse or dating partner since 2014. most were in the las vegas area and they tried to address the issue last year addressing
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possessing a gun and they cannot buy it. if they had been ordered to stay away from their estranged partner. connect denver broncos super bowl l champions beat the carolina panthers in the big game. and of course that means sports madness across northern nevada at our casinos thousands of fans came together to root for the broncos, or the panthers. >> go broncos. >> go panthers. >> i have money on the broncos. >> carolina. >> manning will get it done. >> and leading the team to victory, super bowl. watched parties, including inside the peppermill where 3500 fans watch the game on big screens and another 3000 sports fans took part and festivities, which included a big bash.
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also held super bowl parties at the broncos becoming this year's champions a lot of talk about bands and peyton manning will announce his retirement. many fans, including panthers fans were happy for manny. here's what they had to say. >> very exciting. i way to start out the year. disappointed they lost but i'm glad banning god a win. good for him. >> defense wins games. >>i'm not a broncos fans, i have a peyton manning fan.>>--i am a peyton manning that to make super bowl weekend always a ton of fun.
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super bowl champions. virgil green and kyle roberts have the super bowl rings. we will have more on the show about the super bowl, including bedding. industry estimates said bedding could break nevada state records. bedding records of the super bowl peaked two years ago. that was stormed by illegal best as they can. the american gaming/association estimates that will be capitalist super bowl 3% of that will be done legally. the nevada gaming control board is expected to release numbers for putting this week. we are just a little more than a month into the new year. companies have been announcing
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nevada. this is a look at what the business them means for the region. alex? >>reporter: quite a bit has changed in the last five years . back in 2011. we are seeing a lot of people doing us as a tactile, a business destination and an up-and-coming community, which is great because it's encouraging more companies to come here for people to start their own businesses. last year, more than 25 noon expanding companies popped up in the region that created thousands of jobs which is great news for everyone living here. people think these companies are moving out of the tahoe industrial center, which is not the case. the companies are out there because there are big parcels of land but we are seeing smaller companies pop up in the arena region which is great.
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last week i sat down with mike and some of these people are seeing these companies as a negative thing that they want to see this as a positive. >> i asked people to remember what it was like for years ago. last year. unemployment was 13% or 40%, talented news for going somewhere else. that was the reality. we haven't up and coming growing community and the region with growth comes challenges soak let's take those on and allow it to shape our community for greatness in the future. >>reporter: and coming up we will hear from the gov. of what he has to say about this business them in northern nevada. back to you. local high school students on a nevada science bowl over the weekend. 136 students competed for the price. the students at the davidson academy of nevada took home the win.
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happening in april, a big congratulations to all of them.
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the nfl yesterday.
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smith there heading towards a one-week. first, the biggest game night of the year just to celebrate it , the 50th year. over the last half-century, super bowl sunday has grown into the most-watched sporting good. last night, the nfl delivered once again. >>reporter: super bowl l was a close game until the end serving up a euphoric victory for the broncos and an excruciating defeat for the panthers. >>and for peyton manning, the oldest starting back in super bowl history. the big game may have delivered a perfect ending.
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about his future. connect i am not making a emotional decision. i am enjoying the night. if this was his last game in. he could not have scripted it better. halftime was a star powered musical blowout third coldplay. plus, beyonci. another super bowl halftime veteran, bruno mars. and ending with highlights from 50 years at halftime shows and of course a high concept high dollar commercials. one ad raised eyebrows. ultrasound by an australian filmmaker was the winter of the doritos ad contest and sunday night, cbs charging the largest amount for commercial time in super bowl history.
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now that the broncos are the world champions. new york is getting in on that also. glides above the new york state building orange and blue. this avenue will see prepared during the commercial break. right after beyonci's performance during the halftime show. millions across the country were expected to watch the super bowl so odds are that a lot of people got to see it. i side with the formation tour will kick off april 27 it will be her first headlining stadium tour. tickets go on sale next week. speaking of beyonci, she was announced has announced an effort to help residents during the water crisis. the superstar singer is going to partner with local united way programs to help underserved populations in flint. a lot of people helping out.
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filtration equipment and water to residents as soon as possible. beyonci is asking fans to be part of her campaign using a #be good. it aims to help affluent children with long-term needs. meteorologist tim studebaker joins us with his forecast. good morning. a mild day out there was 600. temperatures are going to be warmer on much of the seven day forecast. the 60s for tomorrow and start well to the 60s. keeping in mind the average high this time of year is 490. mostly sunny skies today generally light winds. with the exception of ridges in the sierra. gusts as high as 50 miles an hour and highest elevations. most of us are looking for
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inversion a setting up so hayes becomes an issue going forward. right now it's good air quality but that can change pretty quickly. we are in the single digits. the 20s and 30s and eastern california. high pressure in place on satellite and radar will be some melting going on some snowpack may deteriorate in the mountains. as a result of the warm temperatures and sunshine but hopefully we will see a return of winter after the seven day forecast. there is no winter weather on the seven day forecast. 30 and 400 and western nevada in the 50s and 40s up around tahoe the 40s on the western
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for most other areas. 51 and truckee today and ridge tops could top 50 miles an hour but most valleys are not looking for any type of went straight into the 50s for the northern zones that will be a common theme for us. 57 in reno sparks for your high today pretty quiet seven day forecast. not much to worry about. we will watch air quality lots of sunshine. the next few days warm temperatures on the way for the middle of the week into the weekend and upper of the lake it into the sierra. most of us are going to be dry for the seven day. /70 people remain unaccounted for in taiwan after a 6.1 magnitude earthquake. they are desperately searching for survivors. on saturday seven-year-old boy
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wreckage these to be a 17 story apartment building. 20 people have been confirmed dead. beijing residents streamed into temples on monday to pray for good health, good business and maybe a wedding during the year of the monkey. chinese and asian communities marked another turn to the lunar calendar. sunday evening. this time developed to the wittiest animal on the chinese zodiac. the year of the monkey last until january 27, 2017.
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mark zucker berg and his wife named his daughter the chinese new year. they announced it in a video message posted on the social media site saturday. it's after his wife's mother's name and bright universe. her english name is maximum. for maximum short. start the votes are in the columbus is baby polar bear has a name. it is nora.
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online vote that attracted 115 unarmed robbery right here at the alamo casino a few hours ago. we are going to tell you about the suspect, who police are looking for what happened
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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--and what happened inside. some equitable here at the gov. has to say about this. coming up in a few minutes. a local nonprofit has given millions of dollars to the washoe county school district and who is responsible. how to make sweet potato hash. still to come. good morning everyone. 7:31 am and you might have a hangover weather. all the food you ate
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start the day after the super bowl. >> so maybe will go off the rails. 6000 cal between the beer drinking a soda you drank. coors light. even if you're doing live here? sack you can always get back on it. a lot of people talking about the national anthem. it was amazing. tim studebaker is going to say and what-thing like that. take it away. stack now not going to have a
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57 in reno, mostly cloudy skies high pressure goes over to the air quality we now the inversion will start to-i from the valley locations. good air quality and a green burn kind with no restrictions on burning so good news so far. we will keep you updated. assume as anything changes. there is a 300 mark for many of us across the area this morning. seasonably chilly but it will be a warm afternoon. the average high this time of year is in the upper 40s to near 50 is in the upper 40s to near 53 going for the upper 50s today and warmer than that, seven day forecast but high pressure and high conditions and lots of sunshine and that's the case for the day in much of the day we're looking at warm
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a local casino was robbed at gunpoint. brian joins us live with alamo casino with more on this case. ryan? >>reporter: good morning melissa this happened around 40 a.m. it happened inside the alamo right here in sparks. we are around interstate 80 near legends, the shopping center, the outlet area, this is where this happened. a man showed a large silver revolver to a cashier gave over a backpack demanding that they fill it up with cash. and eventually, when the backpack was filled up that man, the suspect, grab the backpack and ran out of the west doors so the side we're greg street is where this happened. the cashier was not injured. that's the good news.
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coming from what the cashier told sparks police. they are working to get video surveillance of this case defining what happened. and said that pictures of the suspect. here's what we know so far. he is a white man 5 feet eight 5 feet 8-8 inches tall, wearing black clothing in a black fastball had a heavy black face paint on him as well. officers are searching the area but they have not found the suspect at this time. if you know anything about this case, you can call 322-4900 and sparks police will keep us updated on that surveillance footage. we will be back in half an hour to continue talking about this case. summit nevada is offering half $1 million in grants to pay state workers for high-paying jobs in science and technology. they now $626,000 in workforce
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six institutes in total will receive those awards. one is western nevada college getting $142,000 to update welding programs and by a robotic welding machine. the reno police department hosted a run with the recruiter event at the reno high school track saturday. up to work out alongside officers and ask questions about pursuing a career in law enforcement. it could also gauge have physically ready, they would be before entering the police academy. last week superintendent tracy davis announced a local nonprofit is donated thousands of dollars to the school district. transform youth recovery is giving them several thousand dollars a year for 13 years. is the largest donation that they have received. this will go towards prevention and intervention programs and recovery support services with
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the program is in the developmental stages. officials say the funding will be a research program for k-12 students that will create a model with school districts around the nation. shamanic a group of education savings account programs say they should not have to post a quarter million dollar bond to cover the cost of putting the program on hold. lawyers for six public school families filed a motion february 3 opposing the treasurer's request that they posted $239,000 bond. it would cover cost to store application information on the cloud subfamilies would have to lifted. schwartz's plan to spend $3000 a month on storage is unnecessary and says he doesn't need $125,000 to maintain
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state office can't defend the program. similar. several companies have made the decision to move here, so what does that mean for our region? we are live with a closer look at this building business. alex? >>reporter: about five years ago we saw this defendant more companies coming here to northern nevada. but in 2011. people associated the region with the shows like muppets in reno 911 but it's different. people are saying our new images jobs and growth, the us as a tack have an up-and-coming community and a business destination. last year 25 new companies came to the area which created thousands of jobs so great for northern nevada. a lot of people are thinking that this is taking jobs over to the tahoe industrial arena. yes, companies are out there
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of land, but we're seeing smaller companies popping up in the region. a couple of weeks ago--coming to northern nevada and we sat down to talk to gov. sandoval about this business been he said is no surprise of these companies want to come here. >> i know what we have come a great place to do business, a great place to raise a family. it's just a matter of telling our story. alan these companies learn the story they choose northern nevada. >>reporter: we live in a beautiful place and it's a great place. it's awesome to see these companies coming here and to hear what they are saying about these businesses. visit our website fox if you are looking for a great side dish or email by itself by adding protein we
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we are taking a look at sweet potato hash. smith this is chock-full of great nutrition and flavor for you and your family. start off by kicking some onions. you can see they are nice and sweet. this will be the biggest part of your recipe because this will take some time. when they achieve this color and they have released their liquid in sugar. we're going to add some garlic. sweeten that out and give us a nice kick and we will add sweet potatoes. and one of the things we talk about constantly, you have to eat the rainbow. so now we have some great orange. corn. means. we wanted to mix it up and
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going to add some jalapenos in there. and some cumin and what i like about this dish, for me, i can eat this cold or hot. i will make a bunch of this and even for breakfast, lunch and dinner and take a romaine leaf when it is cold and put it in that romain leaf and it has a good crunch and a creamy goodness.>> it would be great for your kids add some chicken. awesome. i would roll that up in a tortilla and have it as a burrito or something along those lines. very versatile one of those dishes. you have it on the side. they can go three much anything. since this might take some time you can have the onion separate from the sweet potatoes and you can put it together, however you want.
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i keep them in my refrigerator because they are a great snack. if you're looking for us-for some sweetness of something nice to have on hand. stack if you want this recipe can find it on our website and our facebook page as well. well. if you fall asleep on the job.
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we will have that a lot more to welcome back everyone. 7:45 am. 21 in reno that get ready because those temperatures are warming up.
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took on a--we have jeremy ross. he has our take a look at this. so jerry reisman undercover for a driver for the ride sharing service, linda. passengers are none the wiser.>> >>eventually he lets them in on the joke. connect i am jerry rice. >>an intern nodded off at work learned a valuable life lesson. you get a photo bond. if you fall asleep and then you get photoshop. he fell asleep sitting up in his chair on his first day of a tech startup. first day? his colleagues gave him a shaming the intern posted the picture and the internet responded accordingly. because internet.
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i am jeremy ross. caitlin posted a recent car saw. here there was some controversy. stack you probably saw this online. twins and their mom say me and my mom and my sister and the caption read mom and me and because of this, they share the same youthful glow, you can't tell who is stupid. they look like ". everyone was trying to figure out who is the mom says it was posted january 28 grader has been reach beta 18,000 times and has received 29,000 likes. the mom is on the far left in the photo. they look amazing. if you think your broken smart phone is worthless, think again.
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they are focusing on this. they are focusing on apples in favor broken iphones as an upgrade for the current trade-in program that gives customers who trade in their old on credit towards a person -purchase of a new model and twitter said it's ramping up efforts to fight terrorism. in a blog post on friday over the last seven months, it has suspended 125,000 accounts. twitter said proposing the accounts threatened or provided terrorist acts as a most of the accounts were associated with isis were supported by terrorist organizations in the past recruiters have used better as a way to draw people in. similar good morning. a mild day out there yesterday. 56 for a high and that's a good 70 above average. and i am pointing that out
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warmer temperatures. we are in the 60s in reno sparks. high pressure is staying in place for quite some time. light wednesday exception would be elevations of the sierra bridge times 65 mi./h today at lower elevations generally light plans. so hayes could start to build and we will keep an eye on the quality. five mile-per-hour winds at 85% humidity. the single digits. the seven age today's a shower
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lake and into this sierra and most are going to be dry lowers- lower temperatures in the 50s and when guests could be 55 or so. most of us are looking at light winds in the 500 plus range for folks in the lower elevation of western nevada. same deal. upper 40s and sutcliffe on the western shore of pyramid 27 for the overnight low tonight. seven day forecast. very quiet, no rain chances and no snow chances for carson city and most of the viewing area. southlake tahoe friday and saturday, there could be some isolated activities. the rest of us have had a drive forecast
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staying in the 60s for most of the forecast watching the air quality. so far so good. as far as that's concerned. many people think you don't
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welcome back. many of us don't think about the dangers of high cholesterol to get to middle-age but young adults should be thinking about their cholesterol levels early to ward off dangerous health disease. details in today's health minute. >>reporter: is a young woman. a cold also was surprised when the doctor gave her some unwanted and unexpected news. >> i found that i have high cholesterol two years ago i was completely shocked because i was in my mid-20s and >> she was lucky she found out as early as she did, because early studies are showing having high cholesterol early on can put you at a much greater risk for having heart problems with your old. the next is that the week for every jenny here is that they
7:43 am
age of 5500. the future risk of heart disease was increased by a third. the american college of cardiology recommends screening young adults ride cholesterol and then repeat screening every five years as perspectives change. >>reporter: diet and exercise can be made -changes can be made any age but medicine might be needed to keep it in check. and more health news on your monday morning at chipotle as your go to designation for lunch, you might try something new. to vote they will close all of this locations for for hours for a food safety meeting. the mood-the move comes after e. coli breakout last year. 500 people in total got sick including several basketball players at boston college. employees will go over and updated food safety program implemented by the chain back in january.
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from 11 am to 3 pm this afternoon. still to come on your monday morning betting on the super make or break an economy. we will tell you how much money
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an armed robbery and i take enough. we will tell you the details-i been an armed robbery takes place inside the alamo casino last night. a burglary at total wine and spirits
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how you can help, coming up. crews went searching for a fisherman who went missing. we will say the latest coming up. --we will tell you the latest, coming up. good monday morning. thank you for joining us on warnings at fox 11. the second hour of the show. we hope you're having a great start to your day in don't have to much damage from yesterday. . i'm surprised you are here to be honest. it's your team and i now it is about food in your house, snack. i'd drink to have fun young lady.>>a big time reason to celebrate because your broncos one last night. and also gain yesterday a
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defense. those will remember the last time the broncos won the super bowl for the first win against the green bay packers pat bolan had a quarterback by the name of john elway played in three super bowls and lost them all and he held up the super bowl trophy and said this one is for john elway fast-forward to 2016, pat bolan, suffering from alzheimer's and john elway holding up that super bowl trophy say this one is for pat. that's emotional for a lot of super bowl fans. >> super nice. is he going to quit or is he not? sega sounds like the perfect ending. student going out on top. this would be the perfect time.>>yesterday saying, i'm going to spend a lot of time
7:48 am
of beer make a decision. spirit the last quarterback to do that was john elway. he went out as super bowl mvp. >> a lot of people talking about product placement yesterday. samaritan studebaker with a look at our forecast rate set good morning. i want to point out some earthquake activity that has been showing up. we have a new one that i don't have plotted yet. that red dot just came in so i'm not sure what the magnitude was on that. but a few minutes ago at 7:42 am . a 3.0, it's minor but right off the northern shore of pyramid lake in the last 20 for hours. the green.was north of that at smoke creek to desert at 5:58 pm yesterday this one north of pyramid lake, maybe they had the the location but that one was a 3.0 that came in a few minutes ago we will keep
7:49 am
very minor but we want to find it. that out to you. mostly sunny skies, 50 for carson city 55 in southlake somewhere watching an inversion setting up. right now air quality in the moderate category with a group -a green burn code. we will keep an eye on that quality and see if it gets any worse with the high pressure and the inversion building. the seven-day forecast coming up. a local casino was robbed at gunpoint. authorities have the description at the suspect but have not found him yet this morning. we are joined live from the alamo casino with more on the case. brian? >>reporter: a large silver revolver is the main piece of this robbery in which a suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. it happened right here inside
7:50 am
sparks police say a wide suspect showed that revolver to a cashier a gave a backpack and ordered cash repeatedly backpack quickly and suspect grabbed a backpack and ran out the west door so from what we see from our perspective of the casino. all around for 15 a.m. cashier not been injured. that's good news. we are waiting on sparks police to say they have worked suspect. has a several hours ago they are working to get that from alamo casino no word on what that is that we know information, regardless based on what the cashier it was in the middle of this told police officials. the suspect is 5 feet eight with black clothing in a dark and black face paint as well.
7:51 am
identity. even further. officers searched the area immediately after this was reported but the suspect is still not found. we are waiting for police. for more information, and that surveillance video, we will have those updates throughout the rest of your day along with our sister station and fox 11. hp is investigating a deadly vehicle versus pedestrian crash last night at 1 am, just south of bauer's mansion. troopers found an adult male lying on the roadway. troopers performed cpr but we are told the man died at the scene. nhp tells us the car involved was a red honda civic and that driver is cooperating with the investigation. northbound lanes were closed but have reopened just before 6 am this morning.
7:52 am
further developments. an update to a story concerning recovery efforts of a second fisherman who drowned in pyramid lake. they found the body of the victim and 100 feet of water to assess-saturday afternoon and yesterday they pulled another man from the body. the men were fishing on the lake near warrior point when their boat sank on new year's day. both were from the bay area. estimate police are searching for men who broke into the total wine store yesterday morning. two black men still a large amount of merchandise after midnight. they were seen driving a white pickup truck. police found a smashed window when they arrived. anyone with information should contact the reno police department or call the secret witness funderburk 322-4900 instrument it's official
7:53 am
of the super bowl. that means all sorts of madness yesterday, especially with thousands of fans coming together to root for the panthers and broncos. here's what they had to say. >> go broncos. >> go panthers. >>i just think manning will get it done. >> and peyton manning did that leaving the broncos victory. super bowl. watched parties across the region. inside the peppermill 3500 fans gathered to watch on the big screens and this included a big bowl bash and they had a chance to win some prizes will watching the big game.
7:54 am
super bowl could break. state workers. the vet for a single super bowl . besides last year. that jeff-chunk of change is charged by the illegal betting this season. for fun to play analysis that- handle on-i-numbers for betting are expected to be released this week. so make it team paired up over the weekend to give dental kit -dental care to 100 needy kids this weekend. it happened that they did so center. 17 military different- justice and root-registrants
7:55 am
that we are looking for kids never been to the dentist. send the dentist within six months if they haven't been educated. brush their teeth asked lawson project their teeth this such as they can.
7:56 am
is okay. welcome back. it's 8:17 am. it's 320 in reno. the lady of the snow thing about-catholic school has been a staple in our community and this week and they are holding their annual fundraiser. 20 us to talk about their event an amazing prizes, ladies thank you for coming out. this is one of those events that happens that a lot of people go to because they know the school, it has been around. and they are hoping to it in and for those who have been to the school.>> and say fundraiser for our lady of the
7:57 am
we do all the money that we receive, the commissioners and canadian parishioners, all of that money goes to the school of the students around the community that want a catholic infirmary-education can receive a scholarship and the money we receive is said to enrichment protocol. have a great middle school science lab. state-of- the-art. we have received ipad that basically helping others who want to come into the school but as you mentioned, though there was a solution. it's a lot of fun and this year . some amazing prizes. tell us about people can find.
7:58 am
one is an interview with jimmy fallon moments night show. smith those tickets are hard to get. jetblue with >>reporter: and it underlies distillate. a vacation in mexico to take your family around and relax and enjoy it. >> celebrate purses to add a way to help out the community say big thanks for this phone job. >> a lonely food will share the aggregate restaurants and reducing in gerontology technologist.
7:59 am
their-reno ballroom at 5:30 pm to find say and pretty like a thanks for coming on. good morning. if you are watching a few minutes ago we were talking about the earthquakes that were reported this morning. i wanted to point out the location has moved. they of update of that and they also downgraded that most recent one. 7:41 am. a 2.9 was originally appointed as a 3.0. northeast of pyramid lake, they have adjusted the location. 2.9 is very minor but just a heads up and earlier into yesterday's evening, this is at 5:58 pm on sunday. both are minor nothing to worry
8:00 am
the word. mostly sunny skies with quiet weather. light winds of the forecast of high pressure we start to watch the inversion set up over the next few days. moderate air quality and eight green burn code. calm winds and 82% humidity. temperatures are on the cool side and by cool. i mean single-digit-digits. high pressure is in place. so satellite and radar very quiet. nothing going on today. where watching the inversion and possibility for some smart but it dry with warm temperatures. temperatures above average this time of year with sunny skies and light winds. the exceptions are the ridge tops of the sierra. the rest of us are looking pretty quiet with light winds up mostly sunny skies. temperatures above average for
8:01 am
warmer. 57 in portola and 57 in reno sparks and truckee . let's get ahead to your seven day forecast. sunny skies. the next few days reaching the 600 mark in carson city by wednesday and staying there before friday and a slight cool down into the weekend. the only rain or snow chances. we have our friday and saturday and that's 20% for the sierra. most of us are looking dry across the seven day and mild temperatures with 60s by tomorrow. 62 in reno sparks and mid-60s the rest of the workweek. three weeks before the oscars in top honors or anything but settled.>> we have to talk about baseball in daniel coming up in our hollywood minute.
8:02 am
top honors at the directors guild award sleeping three major skills divided. spotlight took the top prize and the producers guild chose the big short. we will see which way the academy goes february 28. >>pixar has led the golden globe for best animated feature. >> have you sent in his song, top to the chart-top of the chart. try dropping a single and video during the halftime show it
8:03 am
this includes tracking on police brutality, hurricane katrina and black financial power. coming at the seasons are changing quickly and so should your wardrobe.
8:04 am
spring fashions in our welcome back. it's 320 in reno. things are going to be warming up as he goes about the workweek. is the time of year but we get
8:05 am
we look forward to seasons change it was spring weather. we are going to see one dress through all for seasons. it doesn't seem possible. >> it totally is. i have spring fever so we want to start making purchases and building our spring wardrobe. you can wear certain things all year long. so we have a dress that i showed from the couture closet. i know we are going to have these pop up. this is the spring look. you can see friend is in. >> let's go slower. spirit this is the summer look. you can see the stress is lightweight. we put some fun colors underneath it and added some accessories. some sunglasses of course and you can see we took it through each season by adding pieces.
8:06 am
we have a winter look as well. we have some boots on with it and today i wore with jeans and a jacket so there are pieces you can take a look at and see how many different ways you can wear it. that's how i shot. >> so we are going to see 60s this week but next week. it could be snowing so it's nice to have that dress you can wear with anything. >> exactly. the charges to be certain fabrics you couldn't where all year. student the fabric doesn't matter at all. you can layer up with it. tickets are all the seasons. it makes it easy. so they can makes changing out those close something you don't have to do. smith this is a good time to bring us some of your spring staff and mixes it with your winter pieces.
8:07 am
bored with her outfits. >> you might be able to wear that spring dress. and people have questions. see what they can find me at the couture closet. slackware heading to spring. hard to believe. a video shoving-i fish
8:08 am
the stick with us. donald trump is getting so much attention that a new word has been coined in his honor. that story coming up.
8:09 am
colorado state for the weekend and as a result of the super bowl. three more wolfpack players, we will hear from one of them. highlights coming up in sports. good morning everyone. hopefully your warning is off to a great start. and you think you are in a food coma. get ready because today is the start of the chinese new year so we have some folks and from pf chang's there showing you things you can make it home to celebrate. to make it smells like garlic. >> to know what your you are? >> i am pretty sure i am the
8:10 am
>> i think i am the rabbit.>>i don't know. >>you called me a rat.>>you called me a hippo. say there is a good connotation of this year of the monkey is the most fun of all of the science we will hear more about that coming up on our show. >> let's send things over to tim studebaker. do you know what your you are? >> rooster i think. i have to check for it. i'm not entirely sure. very mild temperatures mostly sunny skies. 50 for carson city 55 in south lake so we will be watching the air quality and a green burn code in the area. we had good quality earlier and it seems to be getting worse but
8:11 am
southlake and 32 and carson city. pressure leads a lot of sunshine across the board. where watching for that air quality. as a result. otherwise a quiet seven-day forecast with mild temperatures on the way. today we bring in the year of the monkey and pf chang's is debuting a special menu to celebrated. we have been branch to demonstrate a few recipes and a great operating partner. thanks so much for reading us. senate tells about what you are making. it smells amazing. what are you doing? >> noodles are a traditional
8:12 am
during the celebration. they make the noodles as long as possible and so styrofoam boils and fresh garlic. >> you made an extra dish. earlier in front of us. best that small. >> and some chili flakes. >> i will add fermented black beans. and soy sauce. >>add some chinese style egg noodles. >> these are the noodles. you are talking about. can you get them at the store? to make you can get this at a local asian market and you can substitute spaghetti. >> we are adding and some beautiful shrimp as well.
8:13 am
tell me about the suites. >> in addition to this dish, these are long life noodles and prawns, we have a mandarin take with milk sauce and we have a few winter menu items that we are celebrating with as well. but if not-felt better about squash. everything is made in house. one dollar of every chinese new year menu item ordered goes to the browsing girls club of america, for the entire month of february and additionally you can post your wish to facebook and twitter and savanna will donate a dollar.
8:14 am
company. tonight participate and enjoy the food. we have shrimp going on. sauti them up and put them on and that's the final product. alex amazing. thanks for being with us. you can find information on our website and facebook page. just stop by and try some of these bills for yourself. what you call it when donald trump throws a tantrum? a trumper tantrum >>reporter: donald likes to put his name on things but when he lashed out at the campaign in iowa. they put trump's name into a
8:15 am
trumper tantrum was an instant hit. it's the word of the day. >> # trumper tantrumstarted to try and an attached to work document photos, crybabies in a creepy crybaby, trump has been ramp out and asap-myself prescribed guitar poet sang a song. there who actually dreamed of the word,--so few dreamed up the word, trumper tantrum was himself was ted cruz have
8:16 am
gave a name to marco rubio, the boy in the bubble. and donald trump three tantrum when he heard this. >> he said recently that you had a trumper tantrum >> i like that phrase. i want to trade market. >> and if you ever feel a trump inspired tantrum coming on, blow a trumpet at the top of the donald. a swedish ad agency print this for fun. how do you say this in swedish? trumper tantrum you have to be careful when you call someone a boy in a bubble. you open yourself up when you
8:17 am
bubble. >> i'm sure this is not the end to those nicknames that we are going to see throughout the selection but the primaries are happening in new hampshire tomorrow. coming up we will visit the humane society with a pet that
8:18 am
we will be right back. good morning. we are here at the nevada humane society to show you another animal in need of a loving home. tell us about this guy that we have here today. >> this is blitz. he is two years old and he is very curious and his surroundings. the is not looking at the camera but he's a great guy. he has a young personality and he wants to meet everyone. he takes time getting
8:19 am
he doesn't want to rush into a relationship, but he is looking for a home in our shelter. fantasy get along with other cats? >> he is slow going. he wants to meet everyone and take his time but ultimately he would be good and a great adult home. >> just pretty coloring. he is going to venture off that he is not the only cat needs a loving home. >> we have so many great animals looking for homes. we have two locations in reno on carson city. so lots of great animals for adoption. you can view them online at the nevada humane society and bring the whole family to visit. that way we can make sure whoever you adopt is a good fit. >> there is a unilateral at you.
8:20 am
have a loving home.>>thank you for that. 8:43 am on your monday morning. we have mostly sunny skies and for the next few days, a very quiet forecast. light winds, with the exception being at the top of the sierra. most of us are looking at light winds and also with high pressure we start to watch the inversion and smog that could build up so we will keep an eye on the air quality. a green bird code with no restrictions at the moment. 32 in town with mostly cloudy skies looking mostly sunny through the day. a cold now to start off on the single digits. very mild temperatures on top, especially the western half of the state in the sierra where we are going into the 50s and
8:21 am
high pressure in place and dry conditions in a few clouds and watching air quality but 50and reno sparks 27th it loads night. temperatures down the road where going into the 60s and seven-day forecast and going through the rest of the workweek. eastern side of the state not as warm into the 30s and 40s and western nevada is fish, seafood hyphenated. where looking at the highs and responsibilities to ensure. making it into the western 40s. wind gusts as high as 55 and light winds for everybody else. seven day forecast, very quiet,
8:22 am
chances and they are both into the sierra around southlake tahoe. the sierra is looking at -everything else is dry and quieted and a few clouds, a very mild temperatures into the 60s, stirring tomorrow and the rest of the work week. suitable for three was a classic matchup with a veteran quarterback santa clara, california highlights super bowl mvp joe montana tossing out the client. the panthers differ. can nation faced back a pass. look at bond miller. the first super bowl fumble recovered for the touchdown and 22 years.
8:23 am
score and until the panthers jonathan stewart was flying into the end zone he gets up and does a little drive. and in the fourth need to goes back to pass but bond miller, that guy was incredible. tj ward recovers the ball for denver and broncos wouldn't look back. broncos lead and that will be the final three former wolfpack players announcing their-i think and more after the game. >> we have been dominating all year. we just made a decision. we are going to dominate this. it's surreal at the moment.
8:24 am
right now. >> , virgil green with kyle roberts, congratulations to them. here is roberts on the field celebrating with his parents. you can see he is wearing a big smile any super bowl 50 sure. this was his first year in the nfl. he was a valuable member of the squad secured his spot on the practice team a big thing for a lot of up-and-coming players. the broncos another chance and panthers fans are not very happy. there clearly upset over the loss. they didn't feel like talking to reporters when leaving the stadium but the few that stopped to talk express their frustration.
8:25 am
hard to win a game. they were related to the last five minutes. but the last turnover did them in.>> it was a great time. even with the outcome. they could handle it. let's was afraid of. their defensive ends were too strong. >> i hope you're happy, put that on the news. that's what i have to say. >> i don't get that. i hope you're happy. >> he doesn't look happy but he should. that's eli manning. peyton's brother did not have a lot of emotion. but this is making a big deal of social media. i guess. peyton is the favorite son now. they both have two super bowl championships each grade. come on, give us a smile.
8:26 am
will switch to basketball. fort collins saturday night rams would go on to pull away from the wolfpack and secure the wind 76-67. nevada outlet for the game. 31 out of 40 minutes. three wolfpack starters found out they were outrebounded they fall to 13 and nine overall five and five in the west conference play. wednesday night they return home to the air force academy. they upset boise state in colorado springs a tipoff set for 7 pm. for ticket information, give them a call or go to nevada coming up, one video posted to our facebook page has received thousands of views. if
8:27 am
we will show welcome back. the video that has received thousands of views in a few days,
8:28 am
>>we had someone ride in and say debauchery. he needs to help them out. this is what he has to say about it. >>i have an idea. wait a minute. ready? this will work.
8:29 am
you've got to go. >>let's do this. >>good afternoon. >> so apparently there was an issue where the tie was not on straight. it's a struggle. but it turns out it was melissa's fault. >> i get yelled at because my tie, can you fix it? i'm just mesmerized by your beautiful faces. >> i love the orange bronco tied. smith, it looks good. what a way to react to that. >> i could understand it's frustrating and distracting. >> he will fix it in the mirror
8:30 am
move, i can't see it to fix it again. so you don't know when it is out of place. we should all show support. >>it is just a tiny, by the way. is this the worst part of your
8:31 am
don't look at me. rammed a police car. >> respect on the run and ramming cars. >> big old dump truck. >> why the golden roads had him going to jail. snow mobilers living up it right before that snow comes crashing down. what it's like to be buried
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